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Since our company was founded in 2009, we have increasingly concentrated on the power station sector and the power industry. Our workforce includes welders (TIG/E) for material groups 1–10, ISO-standard fixture mounters, specialist welders, supervisors, head fitters and construction supervisors.

Our company employs between 50 and 80 employees, depending on order volumes. Quality forms the foundation of our company. We aim to use quality to fuel growth, with the objective of providing first-class, reproducible services and establishing standards that guarantee perceptible quality. Our client base in the temporary worker-provision business includes leading chemicals industry companies, food industry companies, energy corporations, and plant and pipework construction companies.

Accordingly, we accept orders of high quality and can guarantee our clients that their orders will be fulfilled in compliance with the latest technical rules and specifications. We work with many different materials and apply a wide range of welding techniques in our projects, depending on individual client requirements. Another key activity area is maintenance, which we provide on a regular basis with valve maintenance engineers, fixture mounters and metalworkers.

Numerous leading companies benefit from our experience. The inspection, repair and maintenance work is carried out at the client’s premises during operation in compliance with the relevant company standards and safety regulations. Our workers repair a diverse range of plants, including those in the petrochemicals, food and power industries. This work covers the servicing and repair of boilers, vessels, heat exchangers, pumps and assemblies.

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